Use this session as a way of getting fast breaking teams to tear through a static defence and create lots of goalscoring chances. In this game players are working in groups to beat a defence in a transition type of situation which will happen often in matches.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals. Use half your normal pitch with a goal at both end. We used 13 players in the session.

How to play it

You need to split your players into two attacking teams of four players, three defenders and two goalkeepers. The three defenders stand in the centre and defend both goals in turn. The attackers stand one team at each end. The game starts with the goalkeeper opposite one of the teams passing the length of the pitch to the attackers who then go 4v3 against the defenders. If the defenders win the ball they can attack the goal opposite but when the ball goes dead an attack is started at the other end with the second goalkeeper passing long. Switch the defenders every three attacks


Teams linking up and reacting to the 4v3 overload. Passing, receiving, vision and shooting are all relevant

    1. The game starts with one goalkeeper passing the length of the pitch to the attackers opposite

      2. The attacking team must now use the ball like they would in a phase of transition

        3. Here the team moves the ball until space opens up and the attackers can get behind the defence

          4. The defender is caught between covering the wide player and watching the inside forward who could advance into the penalty area

            5.Once the ball goes dead the other goalkeeper passes long to the attacking team at the other end and play continues

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