Attack skills game

There will always be situations in soccer matches where a lone attacker faces two defenders, but using this attack game in your soccer training drill sessions can build the skills to help your players give a good account of themselves.
Working attackers hard is a good way to build up their match strength and speed. This is a great attacking game where your attackers will be part of a pair, then run at defenders on their own. In both instances you want to see shots on goal.

You need three groups in a line facing a goal. The outer groups combine in pairs, the middle group goes alone. The pressure is on the middle group to prove themselves by beating the two defenders, then stopping the next two attackers scoring.

attack game with three groups facing a goal.
player movement guide and ball movement direction guide

How to set up the attack game

In an area 30 yards x 30 yards, you need three cones to show the players where to start from, a goal and a goalkeeper.

The three groups of players line up, as in the diagram. The two outside groups work together and attack 2v1. The attackers then turn and defend 2v1 against an attacker from the middle group.

Make sure each group takes a turn in the middle to build up player skills.

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