Attacking support play

This session is played with quick tempo – passing, link play and support play to create fast combinations that can be deadly in the final third.

Why use it

This practice improves the technique of passing, receiving and combination play in attack

Set up

You need balls, bibs, and cones. Create an area 15 x 15 yards. We used 5 players in the session.

How to do it

Start your players with 3 at cone A and 1 at the other two cones. The player at A starts with a pass to B then sprints towards B who returns the ball, runs around the cone to receive it back from A. Player B now passes to C who returns it, runs around the cone and gets a pass from B then dribbles back to the start. Keep the movement going with the next player quickly starting immediately player C gets back to the start. A moves to B, B moves to C and C goes back to the start. Try cone A in different positions and playing both ways.


This needs accurate well weighted passing and quick movement to get into position

Pass and move to support

1. The ball starts with the player at A passing to player B, who returns the pass then runs around the cone
2. Player B receives the ball back from A and moves towards the player at C

Passing and moving to support

3. Player B passes to C gets the ball back while C runs around the cone and then receives the ball back from player B
4. Player C then dribbles back to the start

Passing and moving to support

5. Move cone A to the other side of the area and play the first ball to player C and go that way round

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