Be the fox in the box


This unopposed session gets attackers scoring with balls coming in from the wings. All players get balls played hard and low onto both feet as they attack at either end of the pitch. It includes build up play for a thorough attacking work out.



Set up an area of 40×30 yards. You need balls, cones and two goals. We’ve used ten outfield players and two goalkeepers for this session.



Players combine in the crossing alley and play low hard balls into the areas just in front of goal. It is unopposed but two players will be vying to finish in the goal. Players rotate in the alley with the passers taking the central crossing role after their pass. Play six balls then switch attackers and crossers.



This exercise is all about finishing from low crosses into the box. It requires concentration and a good first touch. Get players to try two-touch shooting before going for the one- touch shot as it’s quite hard to get the timing right for one-touch shooting.

1. Play starts in the crossing alley with a server passing to the central crossing player

2. The crossing player sets up the ball for the server to play down the line

3. The attackers must react to the ball down the line and move quickly to get to the strike zone

4. The crossing player follows and hits a low cross into the area in front of goal

5. Now play goes up the other end with build up play resulting in a cross for the opposite attackers to try and score

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