Beat the block

A fast and exciting game to teach your attacking players to create realistic goal scoring opportunities even in a box crowded with defenders. Crowded penalty areas can allow attackers to disguise their shooting by shielding themselves from the keeper behind defenders. Can your attackers beat the blocking defenders and not hit their own players?

Set up

Use the penalty area of your pitch. You need bibs, plenty of balls and a goal with a goalkeeper. We’re using six attackers and four defenders but you can use up to eight attackers. The coach acts as a server.

How to play it

The coach passes to the attacking team who attempt to find space to receive the ball. The attackers must try to combine to create space to score in the area. Rebounds, deflections and on the ball skills will happen quickly so players must be alert. The defenders must try block any shot.


This game will create realistic match situations like corners and free kicks, especially if the attacking team are a goal down and they need to score. They will throw players forward in an attempt to create a goal scoring opportunity that they can exploit. It is a fast, fun and skilful game.

1. We’ve coned off so the session is the width of the six-yard box but you can use the full width of the penalty area to give your players more space
2. Serve a ball in to one of the attackers and as soon as the ball goes dead play another one it so the play is quick and constant

3. The six attackers must move to create a half a yard of space that they can make use of to receive the ball and shoot
4. The attackers must make quick decisions. Here one must decide whether to shoot and risk the defender blocking, or pass to the player who has moved into space

5. There should be lots of different types of shots depending on where and how the ball is passed. You should encourage volleys, toe pokes and side foot shots

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