Break For The Line

This session combines specific moves to help players understand team play and decision-making by playing out from the back

Why use it

This session develops the principles of attacking play but also is a very good exercise for defending and making the most of winning the ball.

Set up

You need balls and bibs, in an area 25 x 25 yards wide with a 10 x 5 yard box at one and end a 2 yard end zone at the other. We used 9 players and a server in the session.

How to do it

Two central defenders begin against a solitary striker. The server passes them a ball and they must dribble or pass out of the zone, joining in to play 5v4 in main area. Running the ball over the end line scores them a point. It is match-like in terms of positions and how to use the extra man not only for keeping the ball, but for playing and running through a defence too. When defenders win the ball, they look to break and score by running over the opposite end line.


Good tactical session for your players to experiment with style of play – they can be direct or look to make a number of passes.

    1. Play starts with a pass from the server to the centrebacks who must get the ball out to their team mates
    2. The centrebacks and the attacker can move out of the area once the ball has been played – they score a point by getting the ball into the end zone

    3. Teams must try to keep possession but here the opposition win the ball from a bad pass
    4. The turnover ball is used quickly and the defending score a point by getting over the end line

    5. Here good movement from the attacking team creates space on the far side and a switch in play finds the unmarked player
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