Breaking the lines – Practice


This practice focuses on possession to break lines, forward passes, supporting positions and angles to play forwards, positioning between the lines and body shape to receive, pressing as a front unit, denying opposition playing forwards, and transitioning from attack to defence and vice versa.



Set up a playing area relative to the age and ability of the players, with two mini goals at each end and a middle channel of 3-5 yards in width. Divide players into three groups (5, 5 and 4), with two goalkeepers, who play behind the outside line. Red team’s five players start in the left-most area, joined by thee of the blues – who also have one player in the middle zone. The white team has three players in right-most area and two in the middle.



The ball starts with a ‘keeper, playing to Reds, who aim to keep possession, making at least three passes. The Blues’ front three press – if they win the ball they can score into the goals. When the Reds have made three passes, they can play directly into the front three Whites or through the two Whites in the middle. The Blue in the middle screens to cut of any through passes. If they win the ball, it has to be scored into the two small goals in front of them. When the ball is transferred to the other side, the situation is mirrored. When the team plays the ball across it is a point for that team.

1. Set up with three teams. Reds begin in possession, defended by Blues and look to switch play to Whites

2. Reds must make at least three passes before switching play

3. Once play is switched, Blues then defend Whites. If they win possession, they can score in the mini goals

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