This session pits the patience and possession skills of Barcelona against the killer counterattack. See if your players can score a breakaway goal. To make a success of counterattacking, players must be able to recognise the moment of transition between defence and attack quicker that the opposition. They should then move quickly to take advantage of it.

Set up

Set up a playing area of 50×30 yards split into three zones, with an outer zone of 10 yards and a middle zone of 30 yards. We’ve used 18 players in two teams. You will need balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to play it

Play an 8v8 in the centre zone, with breakaways into the outer zone. The server plays a ball to one of the teams who must make five passes before they can break into the outer zones. The other team can attack the outer zone if they win the ball. Play three balls to the passing team then swap.


This is an advanced session and there are a number of coaching points look for. The passing team must be patient and try to keep possession before launching an attack but the onus is on their opponents who only need to win the ball to attack. Count how many times the opposition win the ball and the success rate of their attacks.

1. Serve a ball to one team who must make five passes before they can launch an attack into the outer zone
2. If the passing team make five passes or if their opponents win the ball the zones are lifted and any player can go anywhere

3. Here the opposition win the ball and launch an attack
4. With quick movement the players catch their opponents off guard and make a success of the attack by scoring a goal

5. Serve three balls to each team so both get a chance to counterattack

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