Build up into attack

This session is all about creating overloads while playing out from the back, through midfield and into attack, creating 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 and 3v2 situations. The coaching point here is finding the extra man to build play forward and break the lines something that occurs in every game

Set up

You need balls, cones and two goals. Set up an area 80 x 20 yards spit into three zones – a centre zone of 40 yards and outer zones of 20 yards – with a goal at each end.. We used 16 players in the session.

How to play it

Split the players into two teams of 7 players plus 1 neutral midfielder and 2 goalkeepers. Place 2 players from each team in the outer zones for a 2v2 and 3 players from each team in the centre zone plus the neutral midfielder who plays for the team in possession creating a 4v3 A server starts the session by passing a ball from the half way line to one of the goalkeepers. The goalkeeper distributes to the defenders. One midfielder from the team in possession can drop into the zone creating a 3v2. When the team passes the ball into the middle zone the active midfielder moves back into that zone to create a 4v3 in midfield including the neutral player. When the ball gets to the attacking zone you can make it 1v1 with a passive attacker and defender or 2v2 or allow a midfielder to create a 3v2 in favour of defence or attack.


Look for the right quality of pass with measured weight and direction

    1. The server starts the game with a pass into the keeper’s hands from the half way line
    2. The keeper distributes the ball to one of the defenders
    3. One midfielder drops into the defensive zone to create a 3v2

    4. The neutral midfielder works with the team in possession to guarantee an overload
    5. When the team manages to pass the ball into midfield the active midfielder moves back into the middle zone to create a 4v3 to help others link the ball to the attacker

    6. Should the ball make it into the attacking zone we have choices to make: condition this to be 1v1 (the other attacker and defender being passive), adjust to 2v2, or allow a midfielder to follow in for a 3v2
    7. Again, if defenders win the ball back they can directly pass or drive into midfield, stimulating a quick transition
    8. In the event of a turnover, attackers intercepting the ball should go directly for goal
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