Clever disguise

Help your attackers to develop their dribbling skills and encourage them to fool defenders by disguising the direction they are going to take to shoot at goal. This drill is aimed at helping young attackers make decisions about which way to attack the goal and using a clever trick or disguise to fool the defender. Dribbling at pace is vital to the session and speedy players with good control can beat the defender through pace alone.

Set up

Set up a playing area of 20×20 yards. You will need balls, cones and two mini goals placed at an angle at one end of the pitch. We’ve used three attackers and three defenders here.

How to play it

The defender passes to the attacker and when he receives the ball the drill commences. The dribbler must disguise which of the two goals he is going to score in by fooling the defender. Rotate attackers and defenders.


This is excellent for young players to find different ways to get past the defender. They will also be watching each other and learning from the mistakes or successes of their team-mates. Success on match day can be achieved by simply making correct decisions when players are faced with a 1v1 against a defender.

1. The defender must pass to the attacker and react to the attacker’s forward movement into the scoring zone
2. The attacker tries to create space as the defender closes in. The attacker cannot shoot until crossing the line

3. The attackers can score in either goal by using skill or speed to beat the defender
4. The defenders must try and win the ball before the attacking team can get into the larger zone so they can become the attackers

5. Progress the session by adding goalkeepers that the dribbling attacker must beat to score

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