Clever out wide

This session will show your wide players how to put good balls into the feet of attackers who are battling to try to lose a defender and score. In matches wide players will often just hit crosses aimlessly into the box, but here the wide players must use the ball wisely to set up their team-mates.

Set up

Use half of your normal pitch and mark out a box in the middle that lines up with the six-yard box. We’ve used eight players in this session. You need balls, bibs, cones and two normal goals.

How to play it

Split your players into two teams of four. The defending team have two defenders and two goalkeepers. The attacking team have two wide players and two players in the centre box. There is an attacker and a defender in each half of the central box. The defenders must stay in their half of the box and all players stay in the box.
The game starts and restarts with a pass from one of the goalkeepers. The game is not directional so attackers can score in either goal. In the final part of the game allow players to go out of the box. The ball must be below head height at all times.


Good vision, communication and passing into space.

    1. Play starts with a pass from the goalkeeper to one of the wide players
    2. The attacking pair must read the pass and try to create space to attack the ball

    3. Here the pass has been covered by the defender but the attacker sees a gap to pass to the wide player, who picks out a team-mate at the other end
    4. The wide players must be alert to moving so they can receive passes and with a good touch allow them to play their team-mates in

    5. In this progression, the players are no longer bound by the box so the defenders cover quickly but because the game is not directional they get caught out by a good pass to the wide


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