Combine to finish

Get your players to think combinations by linking up patterns of play in this session and applying a good finish using the correct technique and skill set.

Why use it

Gets players to understand how combinations of passes and passing into space can create great goalscoring situations

Set up

You need balls, cones and a goal. Set up an area 15 x 15 yards with a goal at one end. You need two cones 5 yards from the goal a couple of yards in from the edge of the area, two starting cones at the opposite end and three cones 2 yards apart in the centre. We used 7 players in the session.

How to do it

You need one player on each cone with an extra player on the starting cone and a goalkeeper. Play starts with a pass from the starting cone to a player at the three cones. He must make a quick movement from an outer cone to the inner cone and back to receive the ball (mimics losing a defender). The player then drives with the ball to a cone nearest the goal and plays a little inside pass for the player to run on to and shoot at goal one touch. To progress the first pass is returned to the server who plays past the three cones for the central player to run on to. Play is continuous.


Good movement, good weight of pass, straight pass for a bent run and timing of runs.

Link up play to goal

    1. The session starts with a pass from the outer cone to a player in the centre
    2. The player on the centre cones quickly moves in from the outer of the three cones to the centre cone and turns back (losing a defender) to receive the ball

Dribble and pass to goal

    3. The player drives to the cone nearest the goal and plays a short, straight pass for the player at the cone to turn around the cone and run on to.
    4. Here the combination play is run the other way using the other two players

Combine to finish

    5. Now add in a one-two from the server to the player in the centre who then receives the ball back before playing the attacker in on goal
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