Control games

This session is all about setting up and supporting an attacker. If you want your players to learn how to score from a fast counterattack, this is a great session – and it also has possession and pressing action points.

Set up

Use half your normal pitch split in two with a goal at each end. We used 15 players.

How to play it

Create three teams: one team of six, one team of five and a team of two. In the team of five, four players defend the goal with one player in the attacking half.
The team of six tries to score using their overload, while the team of four must win the ball and attack the other goal guarded by the team of two. Only the four players from the team of five can move into the other half when they win the ball. All other players must stay in their half of the pitch.
Have balls placed around the pitch and during the game the coach can play a ball in to either team at any time and the ball already in play goes dead.


Possession is vital to the overload team while the other team must press and win the ball. The lone player must control and use the ball when the counterattack is on. First touch and good passing and shooting is vital to the role of lone striker.

    1. Play starts with a pass from the coach to the team with the attacking overload
    2. This team must try and make use of the overload to create and score goals

    3. The coach can pass a new ball in at any time, making the ball in play dead
    4. Here the attacker has cleverly drawn the defender, then released a pass to one of the counterattacking players

    5. If the team of four players intercepts the ball they counterattack as quickly as possible
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