Counter attack soccer coaching tips

Coaching your soccer (football) players to stand forward of the near post at corners is an excellent way of winning the ball and starting a quick counter-attack. The opposition will have only one or two players back and if your players react quickly they can charge out of defence and overlap to outnumber the opposition. Use these soccer drill tips to show your players how this works.

Creating a specialist ball winner

Corner kicks can be a nightmare to defend against with the opposition causing chaos in your penalty area. If you stop the ball before it gets there you can disarm the opposition and create goal scoring opportunities at the same time.

Soccer coaching tips to protect goalkeeper and defenders

Standing a player slightly forward of the near post and in front of any other players will cut off the supply into the box. And that means protecting your goalkeeper and defenders.

The player in this position can win the ball from poor or short corners and set up a quick counter attack straightaway.

Soccer drill tips to win the ball for a counter-attack

Once this position has been claimed by one of your players, use the tactics on match day so when they win the ball, you leave a player upfield in the same position at each corner and your specialist player will be able to take the ball and find that player immediately setting up an attack.

Set up corners in soccer training drills

Practise corners in your soccer drills where you try a player in positions around this near post area. They can use chest, head and feet to rob the opposition of vital balls into the box.

Use only two players, a corner taker and a defender to practise this specialist position. You can kill two birds with one stone here, the corner taker has to clear the defender and the defender needs to win the ball. You can also put an attacker in position A to be ready to get the ball won by your player.

Counter attack soccer drill tips at corners

Key soccer coaching tips

Remember not to get too close: a defender must be 6 yards back at U8, 8 yards back at U10 and 10 yards back at U12.

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