Counter revolution

This session helps teams turn defence into attack as quickly as possible, creating temporary overloads.

Set up

Set up a playing area of 30×20 yards with a goal at each end. You need balls, bibs and cones. We used 14 players for this session.

How to play it

Split players into two teams of seven including keepers. Start the session with players from the same team at opposite ends. One team starts at attackers and they have two players against one from the defending team.
Players enter from the opposite end so must run around the pitch. If the defender wins the ball the attackers go off and one player comes on for both teams, so the 2v1 advantage changes. Progress this by having two 1v1s at the same time and when one ball goes off, the players join in with the other ball to make a 2v2.


This session suits teams with defenders who are very comfortable on the ball in defence as well as when attacking. Key coaching points are communication, variation of skills, decision making and an end product.

1. The coach calls ‘Go!’ and two attackers and one defender run around the pitch and then onto it to receive the ball
2. The attackers must combine to create a goalscoring chance and the defender tries to win the ball

3. If the defender wins the ball the two attackers go off and one player comes on for both teams, creating an overload the other way
4. Here the new attacker has quickly got onto the pitch and the overload has created a goal

5. In the progression there are two 1v1s on the pitch at the same time. If one ball goes off, the teams go 2v2 with the remaining ball

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