Create in possession

This session improves attacking players in key skill areas – namely in pre-movement (dynamic and elusive), penetration (with and without the ball), link-up play, plus the ability to focus on positive outcome. It’s important to practise attacking scenarios in and around the box because it refines player knowledge in terms of the positions they need to occupy, gives them confidence to take opportunities that come their way, and also helps with getting the ball in behind the opposition.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a normal goal. Use the penalty area of your pitch coned off to focus on the areas right in front of goal.

How to do it

Four attackers start against two defenders who can only press and tackle when one of the two attackers immediately in front of them receives the ball. Two attackers start on the edge of the area and two start outside the penalty area. The deeper attackers link up and feed the ball in. The attackers nearer the goal are encouraged to move as opposites to one another, creating space in front of the defenders. Once one player has received the ball, the deeper attackers can join to create a 4v2 situation in front of goal. When an attack ends, play resets and restarts.


Player movement is key with good combination play from the attacking team and good pressing from the defenders.

Create goals

    1. In the final third practice, the deep-lying strikers feed in to their advanced team mates, who find space and evade the attentions of the defenders
    2. Attackers receive and combine in front of goal to create goal scoring chances

Score goals

    3. Movement of support players when the ball is received is key to success of the session
    4. Defenders move in to press, but movement from a supporting attackers means a 4v2 overload is created in the box
    5. The winger now has space to find the two strikers advancing into dangerous areas
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