Cross, rebound, score

Scoring goals from crosses is a vital part of combination play in the final third. This session is all about scoring from crosses or rebounds

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a goal. Use the penalty area of your usual pitch. We used 9 players in the session.

How to play it

For this session I have players working in fours plus a goalkeeper. To start the exercise, Player C passes the ball to player D and then overlaps. Players A and B begin their runs into the box, in between the yellow poles. Player D then passes the ball down the line for Player C to run onto. After the pass, Player D makes a run into the box. At the same time, Players A and B should be arriving at the yellow poles. Player C then crosses the ball to Players A and B, who have made their runs near and far post. Player D is coming in around the penalty spot for any service that is pulled back. As soon as the ball goes dead the next four go.


Timing of runs, passing technique, speedof play and quality of the final ball into the area

1. Players start on their cones and the session kicks off with C passing to D
2. On the trigger of the first pass the players move quickly to position themselves around the penalty area

3. The movement of player D is into a central position where any rebounds or lose balls can be swept up and a shot taken
4. Players A and B must accelerate between the posts into a position at the back post

5. Player C must make a good cross into the feet or onto the head of the waiting attackers

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