Crossing points

This session helps to get players to use the option of going wide and crossing into the penalty area if they are finding it difficult to penetrate or the penalty area becomes too crowded.

Why use it

Great option for attacking teams to go wide and cross the ball in from different angles

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Use an area the size of two penalty areas back to back and mark out 10 yard channels either side. We used 12 players in the session

How to do it

Split your players into two teams of 5 plus goalkeepers. Play a 5v5 in the main area of the pitch with attackers allowed to go into the crossing zone where they are unopposed for 10 seconds. If the team scores from a cross from inside the crossing areas the goal counts double. Look for players receiving the ball in a position that allows them to lay one-touch passes to team mates in space. Tell crossers to drive the ball across the face of goal.
Try playing the ball early towards the attacking end line and then cut back for attacking runs.


Crossing technique and weight of pass are vital plus good shooting technique.

Crossing the ball

    1. Teams play out from the back and once possession is secured pass into areas so players can get into the crossing zone.
    2. The player in the crossing zone has 10 unopposed seconds to cross the ball into the penalty area.
    3. Get players to whip the ball in across the face of the goal.

crossing from different angles

    4. When playing out the player receiving the ball from the goalkeeper does not have to pass he can sprint into the crossing zone and get early crosses into the box.
    5. Look for a good finish from the striker when the ball is crossed in.
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