Double attacker

In this session the wide player must complete a one-two and overlap to give attackers two ways to score. This is a great for wingers to be coached in different ways to attack from the wings

Set up

Use half your normal pitch. We’ve used 11 players in the session plus a coach to serve. You need balls, bibs, cones and a goal.

How to play

The session starts with the winger A playing a one-two with his team mate and crossing for the attackers. Winger B then receives a ball from the server, passes to winger A and makes an overlapping run to receive a pass and crosses into the box for a new set of attackers. Attackers go to the back of the queue each time. The next double attack comes from the opposite wing. Play for three sets of crosses from both wings then switch players around.


This is a great session for practising wing play and working combinations that can create goals from fast wingers. It’s also good practice for technique.

Wingers pass to striker

    1. Play starts with a one-two between winger A and winger B
    2. Winger A gets the ball back then plays a cross into the path of the oncoming attackers

score from crosses

    3. The server then plays a second ball to B who sends A down the line with a pass
    4. B waits for the run of A and times a good pass down the wing to take the ball in his stride

    5. The overlapping B runs around A and receives the ball to pass into the feet of the advancing attackers
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