Double jeopardy

When players are through on goal, they must decide whether to shoot or take it around the keeper. To be able to make this decision players must practise both methods so they have the techniques required when the situation arises in matches.

Set up

Set up an area of 40×30 yards, and split your players into groups of three. Place three cones at the end opposite the goal just inside the boundary of the playing area – one central to the goal and the other two on each side about 12 yards away. You will need cones, balls and a goal with a goalkeeper.

How to play

In groups of three the players attack the goalkeeper. The first attack is a dribble where the player must try and go around the goalkeeper and the second is a through ball and firsttime shot. Once one group has gone through the twogoal session, another group goes. Rotate players in the groups every go: player 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 to 1.


This session gives every player the chance to dribble and hit a first-time shot 1v1 against the goalkeeper. They must practise their technique so they can do it during a match.

Go 1v1 against the keeper

    1. Player one dribbles and tries to get around the goalkeeper
    2. If the goalkeeper is dragged wide the attacker can try to chip over him

Attacking combinations

    3. Players 1 turns and must combine with player 2. Here the players use a one-two movement
    4. Player 2 puts a through ball down the line for player 3 to run on to

1v1 goalkeeper

    5. Player 3 must make a first-time shot to try and beat the goalkeeper
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