Driving range

Use this training session to show your forwards how to bring other players into the game in the final third of the pitch. This will get your players winning the ball and playing deep behind the attackers to play into them.

Set up

Set up two areas with a 10-yard gap between them. The first area is 10×10 yards and the second 20×15 yards. We used eight players. You need balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

In the first area three attackers play against one defender, with four players in the second area who are team-mates of the defender. When the defender wins the ball he drives play into the second grid to link with his team-mates. The three attackers from the first area follow and become defenders against the team of five. Now if one of the defenders wins the ball they must get it back to their area and a lone player from the team of five goes to try to win it back.


Lots of coaching points for an attacker here, such as lone pressing when up front, winning the ball and passing to another area, and passing and keeping the ball from the other team.

    1. Play starts in the first area with three attackers playing keep ball against one defender
    2. Four of the defenders team-mates wait to get the ball

    3. When the defender wins the ball he must get it back across to his team-mates
    4. The defender and the other team then move into the next grid creating a 5v3

    5. If the team of three wins the ball back they must get it back into their area and one player from the other team follows to win the ball back
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