End to end 4v4

This is a great battle to be the first team to get their balls behind the opposition defence into their end zone. Team work and individual skills make this an essential game for all youth players.

Why use it

Has a lot of match relevance with communication and on-pitch skills to the fore.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones. Set up a pitch 30 x 20 yards including 6 yard end zones. We used 12 players in the session.

How to do it

Each team has 3 balls in the end zone they are defending. Another ball is used to start the game and teams must make three passes to win the play off and be first to get a ball from their end zone and try to get it in their opponents end zone. If they manage to dribble into the end zone and stop the ball they go and get another one and attack again. If the team lose their ball it goes back into their end zone and the team that won it goes and gets one of their balls.


Dribbling, passing, receiving. When to dribble, when to pass. Press with fast transition from defense to attack. Defend as a group

End to end 4v4

    1. Teams have a play off and the winner gets a ball from their end zone and attacks the opposite end
    2. The opposition must stop the team in possession dribbling tne ball into their end zone
    3. Here the ball has been intercepted and passed out into touch so the team can go and get a ball from their end zone to attack with

End to End 4v4

    4. When the teams win the ball they get a ball and attack their opponents
    5. Here the team has successfully combined to get all three balls into their opponents end zone to win the session
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