Fast break

This game improves quick attacking and combination play. The attackers must break forward in order to use the extra player and create a chance to score.

Set up

Mark out an area of 50×30 yards, split into two sections. You need at least six players for the session – we have used 13 players. You will need balls, bibs, cones and a goal.

How to play

Start by playing the ball to the defenders. They pass back to the three attackers, who run forward creating a 3v2 overload.

The first three attackers take on two defenders. Once that ball has been played, the second wave of attackers takes on two new defenders from the sidelines.

Each attack has a different set of attackers and defenders until six balls are used up. Then attackers swap with defenders.


Counter attacking is a great way for defending teams to break out of their own half, releasing the pressure on the defenders and creating chances to score and kill a game off. Often in cup games, teams will defend deep against a better team, then try and counter when they win the ball.

Pass to release player

    1. The coach serves a ball into the right hand box to one of the players in a bib to start the game
    2. The team needs to make three passes using the neutral player overload to release the player in the bib

Pass and support

    3. The second the player is released from the right hand box, the coach serves to a player in a bib in the left hand box
    4. The released player goes 1v1 against the defender and should use skills to get a shot on target

score more goals

    5. If the ball is lost in the 3v3+1 box it must go to the player in the bib and three passes must be made again before he breaks out
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