Fast central attacks

This session helps improve movement and interplay between midfielders and forwards. It’s designed to encourage understanding between players through timing of runs, weight of pass, and expectation of a team mate’s movement.

Why use it

Understanding between midfield and forwards is vital for the creation of goal scoring chances.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Use half your normal pitch. We used 6 players in the session

How to do it

The coach starts the drill by laying the ball to the midfielder, who opens up with a first touch onto his right foot. Striker 1’s movement sees him come short first, before spinning in behind the centreback. The striker is picked out by the midfielder using either an aerial ball or a threaded pass along the floor to run on to. At this point the wide man runs diagonally inside the mannequin, while striker 2 also makes a charge for the box. Striker 1 either takes the ball on himself to finish, or plays square for one of the other two in rushing players to finish.


Passing technique and weight of pass are vital plus good shooting technique.

Attack through the centre

1. In the central attack, striker 1 feints forward before spinning back around the centre-back
2. A lofted ball picks out striker 1 with attacking team mates looking to support
3. Here striker 2 rolls his defender and drives into the penalty area

direct attacking in the final third

4. The striker this time pulls wider, and a deeper cross into the centre results
5. Look for a good finish from the central striker after receiving in the box

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