Fast forward

Fast forward movement puts pressure on the opposition as they try to win the ball back. This is a great session to show your players how to catch opponents out of position.

Why use it?

The challenge of this session is for players to receive the ball in a position where they can move forward, just like Yaya Toure does. This means they must have their shoulders open to play whenever their team has the ball. This enables them to see the target in front of them and the player with the ball.

Set up

Set up an area of 40×30 yards with goals at each end. The midfield is split into two sides of 15 yards each. Use an 8v8 including keepers split into zones: two defenders and the keeper are in the end zone, two midfielders are in the middle zone, and one attacker is in the final zone. You needbibs, cones, balls and goals.

How to play

The session involves two balls at once and starts with the goalkeepers playing down the right hand side of midfield. Play goes both ways unless the ball is lost, when defenders can find two attacks coming their way. If the ball goes out, return it to the nearest keeper.


Players have to look for cues, triggers and body shapes to read where team-mates need support, making the session very game specific.

    1. The goalkeepers play out to the defenders on their right hand side and play must go down that side
    2. If the ball goes out of play, return it to the nearest keeper and play from the right

    1. 3. Players should use skills to win the midfield 2v2 battle. Here a one-two opens up the chance to pass to the attacker

      1. 4. The attacker must play what he sees. Here there is only one defender to beat but sometimes it will be two – he must negotiate an attack on goal

      1. 5. If the defending team wins the ball on one side of the pitch the defending zone could face two attacks in quick succession, so they must be aware of that possibility
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