Fast moving attack and defence soccer game

This is a fast-moving attack and defence game that keeps players switching between overload and underload situations.

How to set it up:

  • This small-sided game is played using 12 outfield players and two keepers.
  • Create a playing area measuring 40×30 yards with a goal at each end.
  • Within that, mark a halfway line. In the top half, create a central 14-yard box in front of the goal, with an eight-yard box on either side.
  • You stand in the right-hand box.
  • To the side of the top goal are defenders ready to enter play. Either side of the bottom goal is a black attacker.
  • In the top half, the activity starts off as a 2v1 attacking overload. In the bottom half it’s 2v2.


Getting started:

  • A ball is served to one of the two players in black in the top box. They combine to attack the top goal 2v1.
  • No matter what the outcome, the white player then receives a ball from you and attacks the bottom goal, joining his team mates to form a 3v2.
  • After the attack, you coach pass a new ball to the two black defenders to launch an attack on the top goal.
  • The original black attackers join the back of the queue and the two new blacks move into the lower box.
  • A new white defender  comes in and a new 2v1 scenario in the top box develops.
  • The process continues with players swapping places with team mates as play switches from the top to the bottom, meaning that both teams attack and defend in turn.
  • Run this for 10 minutes then switch teams. Who can score most times?

This session originally appeared in Soccer Coach Weekly.

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Dave Clarke

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