Fast with the pass

Fast passing games help teams to keep the ball when they play in matches. This unopposed game helps develop first touch, movement and accuracy. Great session to get teams passing the ball with speed.

Set up

You need balls and cones. In an area 20 x 10 yards place 6 cones in the pattern pictured. We used 7 players in the session.

How to play it

The passing pattern starts at one end of the course with movement for two of the players. It should be tried two-touch at first progressing to one-touch as the players get better at the session. Play moves from the left to the right with all players touching the ball. Start the first couple of patterns slowly so players get the hang of it.


This practice rehearses movement, angles, short passes, body shape and weight of pass .

    1. Play starts here with a pass into the middle cone – passing should be crisp and two-touch at first.
    2. This player must pass and quickly turn to receive a second pass from the other side.

    3. This player should be ready to move to receive the ball on the move
    4. As this player exchanges passes he moves to receive a pass at the final cone.

    5. Now the play starts at the cone on the other side of the area – try one-touch going this way and two-touch the other.
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