Finish your chances

Teams can get into the final third but often fail to convert chances. This focuses on finishing using combinations, passing, crossing and a variety of finishes.

Set Up

Use half your normal pitch. We used eight players including one keeper, but 16 can be used if the coach rotates players. You need cones, or mannequins if you have them, plenty of balls, bibs and a full size goal.

How to play it

Set up the players as in the diagram with one player off the pitch next to the goal. The first pass starts with wide player A passing to B, who checks off the mannequin/cone. Player B lays off to C. The opposite wide player D makes a diagonal run for C to play a final pass between the backline. Player D finishes after 1-2 touches.

As the first move ends, the second begins from the other flank. E plays to F who sets it back for E to hit a first-time cross into the box. Players B and D vary their runs and try to finish the cross.

Finally, a player on the end line plays a ball to the top of the penalty area for player C to join in and finish first time.


Look for good passing, receiving, crossing and finishing. The quality of the final pass, along with the timing of runs is important

1. The game starts with player A passing to B, and B passing to C – passes must have good weight and accuracy
2. Now player C passes a ball through the cones for D to run onto and have a first-time shot

3. The second move starts with player E passing down the wing to F who crosses into the box
4. Players B and D must time their runs to meet the ball in the box and one must make a first-time shot

5. Now the player beside the goal passes to the edge of the area where player C runs in to take a first-time shot

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