Five minute tactics: pass and move

Use this simple way to create space to fill any gaps in your training session for a simple tactic that can help your team create goal scoring opportunities

How to do it

In the diagram the attacker who is being marked drops back and plays a one-two with the midfielder passing the ball back.
This draws the enemy defense out and creates space in front of the goal they are defending.
Notice that by simply checking back, the marked at¬tacker draws out the entire defensive line. The mid¬fielder plays a one two with the attacker who turns and runs into the box allowing the midfielder to play a ball through or over the advancing defender


Passing back from the attacker is something you have to coach into young players who normally play the way they are facing. If you practise with them and get a player clever enough to do it, no matter what age they are they will be able to leave the defence vulner¬able to the through ball

Pass and move

    1. Striker with back to goal drops towards the edge of the penalty area D drawing the opposition out
    2. By dropping deeper and drawing the defender out this creates space behind the defence and in front of the goal
    3. The midfield player plays into the striker with his back to goal and receives the ball back
    4. Now the attacker turns and moves into the space behind the defender to receive a pass from the midfielder
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