Five seconds to score

Teams keep possession in one half but when they spot an opening they break into the other half – but now they only have 5 seconds to score.

Why use it

Fast breaks from your teams’ own half of the pitch are great ways to create goal scoring opportunities.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals. Set up an area 30 x 20. We used 10 outfield players and 2 neutral goalkeepers in the session

How to play

The goalkeeper starts with the ball and passes out to one of the teams. Both teams must be in the same half of the pitch in this case the team in possession has to stay in this half of the pitch until they can break out and score. They must keep possession and try to create space so they can go into the opposite half of the pitch. Players attack the opposite goal to the area they are playing in. If the defending team wins the ball they become the attackers and must try to get into the opposite end and attack the goal in 5 seconds. You can put a number of passes before they can attack or give an extra point for


Good possession and shielding skills. Fast passing, dribbling and support movement. Accurate shooting.

Fast counter attacks

    1. The goalkeeper passes out to one of the teams so they must try to build up play to attack the opposite end
    2. It is important in the build up that players are moving to the spaces and are ready for the pass into the opposition half
    3. Defenders must press and try to keep the team in this half of the pitch and to block or intercept passes so they can prevent goal opportunities
    4. When the team spots and opportunity they should attack the other half of the pitch with good passing
    5. Now they only have 5 seconds to create and score a goal!
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