Four corners

Great session for movement and combination play in the final third. Also has 1v1 against the attacker and shots on goal.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and a goal using the penalty area of your normal pitch. We used 13 players in the session.

How to play it

Three players line up on each of the “four corners”. Play starts at 1. They pass the ball across the box to group 2, then run to join the back of that group. Player 2 passes diagonally across the area to group 3. Player 2 then becomes a defender (passive or active depending on skill level) Player 3 makes a leading pass to player 4 (then joins group 4) Player 4 receives the ball, has beat the defender and shoots. Once the play is over the defender joins group 3 and the attacker group 1.


This drill improves passing accuracy, passing and then moving, leading passes, 1v1 finishing and defending. Best of all requires no cones, or equipment so can be set up by the kids and used as a pre-game warm up. Start without the defender, then progress to a passive “obstacle” and then eventually to active defending. Players rotate quickly through each position keeping them engaged and active.

    1.Play starts with player 1 passing to player 2 – from the start you want to see high tempo with players passing and moving into line quickly
    2. Player 2 passes across to player 3 with a good accurate ball that gives the opportunity to play one-touch

    3. Player 2 stops in front of goal to be a defender – passive at first then active
    4. Player 3 passes to player 4 then runs around to join in the back of queue 4

    5. Now player 4 goes 1v1 against the defender to try and beat him and score.
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