Front press

The session is all about players who are ahead of the ball being able to recover to get behind it when possession is lost, forming a defensive unit or to pressing opponents when they have the ball.

Set up

Use your normal pitch but put the normal goal at one end and cut off the pitch using the four small goals in front of the penalty area at the other end. We’ve used 15 players. You need balls, bibs, cones a normal goal and four target goals.

How to play it

Split your players into two teams, one with seven players (3-3-1) and the other with seven plus a goalkeeper (3-2-2). One is an attacking team trying to score in the four target goals and the other is playing on the counterattack towards the normal goal.
The session starts with the goalkeeper rolling the ball out to one of the defending players and the team builds from there, trying to score in any of the four target goals. The opposition are looking to win the ball and quickly counterattack the main goal. When the move has finished, restart from the keeper.


It is hard work and players must be switched on to the transitions in possession.

    1. Start with the goalkeeper who plays out to one of his defenders
    2. The players must link up and try to score in one of the four target goals

    3. Here the team has attacked but lost the ball to one of the counterattacking team
    4. The counterattack works well and the team release a player to score in the large goal

    5. Here the attack breaks down but before the team can counterattack, one of the attacker drops in to win the ball back
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