Get in behind

Use this session to show your players how to attack with accurate through ball behind the defence and what they can do once they get the ball with that much space around them. This session in all about how teams can exploit the space behind the defence with good through passes.

Set up

Use half your pitch with three gates on the halfway line. Have three yellow gates outside the penalty area, with two red gates in the space either side of the central gate. We used 16 players.

How to play it

Use a team of defenders with seven players plus a keeper, and an attacking team of three strikers, three midfielders and two fullbacks. The defenders start with a back four on the yellow cones and three midfielders. The back four cannot move back into the penalty area until a through ball is played – play offside to the line of cones.
Play starts with a pass into midfield from the halfway line and teams can then look to play the through ball. If the defending team wins the ball they can attack the goals on the halfway line. Passes go through the yellow gates and players through the red gates unless they dribble into the area and then they can go through any gate.


Look for good passes for players to run on to, plus support play.

    1. The game starts with the attacking team building from the halfway line and looking to create space with passing and movement
    2. The ball must go through a yellow gate and no player can go beyond the cones until the ball has gone past the cones

    3. Here the move down the wing has created space on the far side of the penalty area
    4. The wide player on this side of the penalty area has held his position and can strike at the goal

    5. The movement of the attackers pulls the defenders away from goal and the attacking midfielder can dribble and score
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