Get it wide

Use this session to encourage your players to get the ball wide in order to open up the pitch for an attacking move and to create more scoring opportunities

By dividing the area in zones it will provide the players with different touch restrictions that allows them to change the rhythm of play. This will also provide the players with targets to set a pattern of: ‘play in – pass back – play wide’.

Set up

Create an area of 40×60 yards and divide into three 30-yard zones. Players have two touches in the middle zone and unlimited touches in the outer zone. Make four goals with poles in the outer zones. We’ve used 18 players in the session.

How to play it

Play 8v8 plus goalkeepers as targets. The coach starts the session with a pass out to one of the teams. The keepers should be used as support in defence and attack for players to pass back to. The players must dribble through the flags in order to get one point but if they use the keepers in the build-up, they get two points.


This activity emphasises the need to move the ball from side to side in the game, in order to open up the middle of the pitch. It also allows for the use of the target keepers in order to switch the point of attack and attack the weak side.

    1. Players try to keep possession and attempt to score through the small goals in the outer zone
    2. If a team loses possession they must transition immediately to defend, as the team winning the ball will now attack. Quick team shaping and re-shaping is required

    3. Players only have two touches in the centre zone. They must dribble through the gates in order to get a point

    4. If the goalkeeper is used during the move and a player dribbles through a gate, they team gets two points
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