Hit a Zlatan scorcher

A fast and frantic game that encourages your players to make the most of the extra man and create the space to shoot from distance, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic did in his first game for LA Galaxy

Why use it

The session aims to improve your players’ attitudes to shooting at goal by concentrating on having a good first touch or by combining with team-mates in order to create the space for a shot

Set up

Set up an area 50×30 yards. We are using 10 players in this session and you will need balls, bibs, cones and two goals.

How to do it

Both teams play inside the central zone with one neutral player who plays for the team with the ball. The idea is to use the player overload to create space and shoot from the central zone. One player from each team (ie an attacker and defender) can follow the shot to react to rebounds etc.


This is great for getting players to shoot correctly from long distance. You can make the distance bigger or smaller for your players depending on the success they get. Challenge your players to disguise a shot, then move past the defender into a better position to shoot. Combination play will also be effective.

Score a scorcher

    1. Start the session with a simple pass and shoot between the two teams
    2. The teams play in the central zone and cannot enter the two end zones

    3. The neutral player only plays for the team with the ball, giving an overload in attack so help create chances to score
    4. Teams must play at match pace and battle to win the ball and create space by passing and moving

    5. Here the overload hasn’t worked and the ball is intercepted for a first time shot at goal
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