Hunt like twins

When you play with two up front you need to get them to work together to hunt down the ball and communicate like twins

Set up

Set up a working pitch 15×20 yards in two halves with a goal and a keeper one half. You need 9 players, balls, bibs, cones and a goal.

How to play it

In one half of the area you need the twin strikers against four possession players who have 2 defending players in the other half of the area. The four players are one-touch and must try to keep the ball. The twin strikers press to win the ball then attack the two defenders and try to score in the goal. If the ball goes out of play before the twin strikers can control it then a ball is passed to them on the half way line and they attack the defenders from there.


Great for getting your two strikers to work together and communicate so they can win the ball and combine to score. Look for good interplay and understanding.

1. Two strikers try and win the ball from the possession players
2. Winning the ball is helped by the four players being one touch

3. All players must be ready and aware as the ball switches from the possession team to the attackers

4. The strikers communicate and create space to

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