Individual skills – Go 1v1 to attack

A session where clever players make the most of overloads and winning the 1v1s to take control of the game and score in the main goal.

Why use it

This is all about scoring in the 1v1s to take control of the game, good session for players to understand their roles and importance in the team.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and three goals (you can use cones for the small goals. In an area 30 x 20 yards you need two small goals at one end and a normal-sized goal at the other. Create a triangle in the playing area so the small goals are coned off – use flat cones if you have them. We used 12 players in the session.

How to play

Split your players into two teams of five players plus a neutral player and a goalkeeper. The team defending the goal play out from the goalkeeper and can use the neutral player to try to play into the wide areas to attack either small goal. Only one player from each team can go in the wide areas; the neutral player can go everywhere.The key objective is to score in either small goals so teams swap over and they can attack the large goal. Only goals score in the large goal count.The team defending the small goals must try and win the ball and score in the large goal – their wide players can join the main triangle creating overloads in attack. All restarts are with the keeper.


Good passing and communication are vital to success of the session

1v1 attacking skills

    1. The game starts and restarts with the goalkeeper playing out from the back
    2. The team in possession uses the neutral player – here the team defending the large goal get the ball into the wide areas to score in the small goals

1v1 attacking skills

    3. The neutral player moves into any area of the pitch – the other players stay in their zones
    4. Here the team attacking the small goals loses possession and an attack is started towards the large goal

1v1 attacking skills

    5. When a team scores in the small goals the teams swap roles they become the attackers of the large goal
    6. Only goals scored in the large goals count – wide players can go into the triangle when a team attacks the large goal
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