Intense in attack

This is a quick and reactive session that will get your forwards using creativity and team work to score more goals. This is an intense and creative session that has players taking advantage of any space they can get. Because the pitch is small it also encourages shooting, so individual skill and team work are vital to success.

Set up

Mark out a 30×20-yard area with normal sized goals. We’ve used 14 players in the session, including goalkeepers. You need balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to play it

Split your players into two teams of seven made up of six outfield players and a goalkeeper. Split the teams into pairs and get them to play 2v2. After each pair has experienced the 2v2 for two minutes, get the rest of the players to stand around the playing area and these can be used when the team has the ball. This means the attacking team will be 6v2 if the players use their team-mates on the side. Again play each pair for two minutes before swapping.


Look for strikers shooting at every opportunity and for players to be creative with the ball. It is a quick and reactive game that gets your players using the width of the pitch and quick passing to beat their opponents. Any defensive errors will most likely be punished by a goal.

    1. The coach serves into one of the teams and must be ready to keep the game going when the ball goes out of play
    2. In the 2v2 the players combine and the attacker uses skill to get past the opposition and score a goal

    3. Now the players can use their team-mates on the side of the pitch and really stretch the two defenders
    4. The attacking team are hard to pick up now and score with a good passing move

    5. Because the session is such high tempo, the teams should rotate every two minutes
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