Intercepting passes soccer drill

If you can get your team to intercept passes, they will cut off the supply chain from defence to attack – cut the supply and the attackers go hungry. Use this soccer drill to practise this.

A lot of young players will intercept the ball then lose it, because they think they have done their job once the ball is won.

In the soccer drill below, the player first to the ball must control it and pass it back to you. This helps them realise that when they win the ball they have to use it, in this case by passing.

Soccer drill to get players intercepting the pass


Run the soccer drill

  • Set up a 10-yard square area.
  • Split your squad into two groups.
  • You stand in the middle at the opposite end of the square to the players.
  • Roll the ball out at differing speeds, and players A and B must both try to win the ball and play it back to you.
  • The players run to the back of the opposite queue after their turn.

Play the one-nil game

  • Set up an area 40 yards long by 30 yards wide with a goal at each end.
  • Play a 4v4 with one player on each team as goalkeeper.
  • No tackling, only interceptions are allowed.
  • When a team scores, it cannot score again unless the other team scores – they must try and keep possession of the ball to hold on to their advantage.
  • The team that is losing must try to intercept the ball and attempt to score.
  • If an equaliser is scored, the game goes back to normal and both teams try to score to gain advantage.
  • Play for 15 minutes.

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