Late runs in the final third

When teams are attacking late runs into the box from wing backs are very difficult to pick up. This session shows players how to run late and strike early. This replicates build up play to players making late runs into the box from an angle like a wingback would or a winger would

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Set up an area 20 x 25 yards with a 7 x 7 yard area marked A, B, C, D in the centre and 2 cones around 4 yards away from both shooting sides of the square. We used 8 players in the session

How to play

The game revolves around A and B – the session should be at a quick pace so players won’t be standing around. A starts with the ball and passes to C who returns the pass. A then plays to B who has moved into the middle of the square and B sets up the running D to attack goal. D can shoot if he hasn’t passed the shooting cone but if he has passed the cone he must try and go around the goalkeeper. A goes to B, B to C and C to D. After 5 balls play goes the other way.


Go passing and receiving, movement to the ball and timing of runs and shooting or dribbling to beat the goalkeeper

    1. The game starts at A with the player passing to player C and receiving the ball back
    2. Player 2 must move forward and receives the ball near the centre of the square

    3. Player B then turns and plays a ball for player D to run onto
    4. If player D decides to shoot he must do so before the shooting cone, or he must try and dribble the ball around the goalkeeper

    5. After 5 goes the play goes in the opposite direction so the other goalkeeper gets a test
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