Locked on goal

This is a good session to teach players to shoot or combine to shoot quickly from varied distances under pressure. The more players shoot, the more chance the team has of scoring goals.

Set up

Mark out an area of 50×30 yards split into three zones, with the outer zones 10 yards and the middle zone 30 yards. We’ve used 16 players.

How to play it

Split your players into 8v8 who play in the middle zone. The team in possession tries to create shooting opportunities but can only initially shoot from the middle zone until the ball has been played into the end zone for an attacker to run onto. The only other time players can go into the end zones is to collect a pass from their keeper unopposed, or following the ball in to prevent a scoring chance. If the ball goes out on shooting area sidelines, the team winning the ball passes back in from sidelines.


This is an intensive session requiring fast decisions and reactions. Players should be constantly looking for space to receive the ball and shoot. It encourages fast reactions and quick thinking to get a shot away.

1. One player goes into a non-scoring area to take a pass from his goalkeeper
2. Players combine to create a shooting opportunity in the scoring area

3. Players have the option to produce a defence-splitting pass for the player to run onto and shoot or go 1v1 with the goalkeeper
4. Once the ball enters the end zone, a defender can run in to try to prevent the striker from scoring

5. Attackers and defenders must be alert to rebounds off the goalkeeper or the woodwork
6. An attacker moves in to strike a rebound from a save and the defender must be quick to react to try to stop it happening

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