Lose your marker

If you want your forwards to work on their movement, this session will help strikers shake of markers in the box and link up to create scoring opportunities

Why use it

This is about playing passes from midfield that the front two can latch onto and turn into scoring opportunities. The strikers are 2v2 up front but good possession can create space for a great pass out of midfield into the striking pair.

Set up

Set up an area of 50×30 yards split into three zones: the centre zone is 20 yards wide and the outer zones are 15 yards wide. We’ve used 20 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to play

Split the players into two teams of nine including keepers, plus two neutral midfield players who play for the team in possession. In the middle zone is a 4v4 and the two outer zones are 2v2. The neutral players are in the middle zone. All players are locked to their zones.
Start with a normal kick-off and use the neutral midfielders to create an overload that will allow the team to get good balls through to the two strikers.


Movement is vital to the session with the overload in midfield giving the attacking team the advantage in the centre zone, but that requires the two strikers to make space so they can capitalise on that advantage.

Lose your marker

    1. The attackers must move to receive the ball and create chances against the opposition defence in a 2v2 in the attacking zone

Lose your marker

    2. In the diagram the attacker has dragged the defender away and has played a good ball from the wing into his partner
    3. As soon as the striker sees his partner has good possession, he must find space so he can receive a pass and score

Lose your marker

    4. The midfield route has been blocked but a wide ball and long pass allow the attacker space to run into and fool the defenders
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