Midfield into attack

In this fast, passing game midfielders must keep the ball and pass it through to the attackers quickly. Your players learn to make the right decisions and develop skills such as disguise using tight touch and quick release with limited space available.

Set up

Set up an area of 30×15 yards split into one central 20-yard zone with a 5-yard zone at each end. We are using 12 players, with a central defender and two opposition attackers in each end zone. Play 3v3 in the middle zone, which is split in two. You need bibs, balls and cones.

How to play it

Players must stay in their zones. Play starts and restarts with the central defenders. The ball must go from the central defender in one zone to one of the two attackers in the opposite zone and must pass through all zones. The main challenge for each team is to make sure the three defenders in the central zone are not all in the same half of the pitch at any time.


This is a great way to get players passing quickly in a tight midfield. Encourage forward play and get players passing and then looking for the pass back.

1. Play starts and restarts with the centre backs, who should look to play the furthest safe pass possible to help their team attack
2. The midfielders must try not to have all three from one team in the same half at any time

3. Quick passing through all zones from the centre back to the attackers scores a goal
4. Here the midfielder eliminates opposition players with a quick one-two to set up a goal

5. To advance the session allow the centre backs to intercept passes to the attackers to prevent a goal

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