Movement for possession

This session is all about working with players on movement off the ball, to find and create space so they are getting the ball back and can continue in possession

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Set up an area 12 x 12 yards for the first part with the second part two penalty areas back to back with the width cut off 12 yards either side from goal. Place a clear dividing line between the two grids. We used up to 12 players for the session including 2 goalkeepers

How to play it

Start by playing 2v2+4 (or you can go to 3v3 plus 2 or 4 depending on numbers), the two in the middle are looking to combine with each other or players on the outside to keep possession. Work for 90 seconds, each pass between players in the middle earns you a point, if you can pass out and get it back earns another point. Winner is out, if you lose you stay.
Progress to the bigger area. Depending on numbers (always want defenders numbers up to start) play three defenders with two attackers on each side. The ball starts with a set of defenders, looking to possess the ball and play into their attacking players on the other side. Once ball is played into attacking players, one player from the defending side may join to make it numbers even, going to goal. Once possession is lost, player that went across must go back into starting grid.
If the attackers win the ball off the defending team as they are trying to build out, they can go to goal but no one can join them, they can play back into their defending half of the pitch to unleash a defender to help attack.


Communication, visual and verbal key to possession. Support play off the ball and anticipation when in possession. Weight of pass and first touch vital to success.

possession games

    1. Players combine to keep possession and score points with passes
    2. Here players score points by combining in the middle and playing a bounce pass with an outside player

    3. To attack players must get the ball into the other half of the pitch where their team mates are
    4. One defender can now join in to make it 3v3 in that half of the pitch
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