Movers and shakers

This session is about using movement around the pitch to pull defenders away and create passing opportunities. Good movement can disrupt defenders and pulls them out of position.

Set up

Use a 30×30-yard area, with a five-yard zone around it for support players. We’ve used 13 players. Split the squad into two teams of six with one neutral keeper. You need balls, bibs, cones and a goal.

How to play it

Each team has three players on the pitch and three servers outside it. One team starts as the attackers and receives a ball from a server and tries to score. If the opposition win the ball, it is passed to one of their servers and they begin an attack. The players on the pitch mark an opponent to force movement off the ball in order to receive a pass. Rotate players and servers every four minutes. Servers cannot be tackled.


Improving your team’s movement off the ball will create space and disrupt the opposition defence. The more players move around the pitch, the more elusive they will be to their opponents. This will give opportunities to pass to players who have lost their marker.

    1.Teams have to pass to one of their servers on the way to shooting at goal. No pass, no goal
    2. Players move to make it easier for team-mates to pass to them and drag the defenders away

    3. Here play moves quickly to the outside of the area, with opposition defenders struggling to keep up
    4. A one-two with the server means the attacker can now score

    5. Here the white team steal the ball but have to pass to a server before the team can score a goal
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