Near post winners

A fast and furious game to encourage your attackers to use their speed to beat defenders and take the keeper by surprise

Why use it

By getting across the defender and reaching the ball first, the attacker will have a good opportunity to score at the near post
in a 1v1, taking the keeper by surprise using speed of movement.

Set up

Use the penalty area of your pitch. You will need balls, bibs and a goal with a goalkeeper.

How to play

Start with a simple warm-up by splitting players into two groups. One group serves for the opposite group to shoot at the near post. Advance the session using three groups of players: one group are wingers crossing the ball in, one group are near post attackers and a third group must try and get across to defend the near post shot. Rotate the players after each run through, with player A joining group C, C joining B, and B joining A.


In this session attackers must time their runs well and accelerate quickly so the defender cannot get across. This puts pressure on attackers to win the 1v1 with the keeper, exactly as they would in a match. All three groups must play quickly and time their movements.

score from close range

    1. Start the session with a simple serve and shoot warm-up
    2. Defenders must try to make up ground quickly to stop the attacker getting to the ball first

    3. Attackers must keep ahead of the defender to create a 1v1 with the keeper and shoot at the corner of the net
    4. Change the side the winger runs from and get attackers using their left foot

    5. The attackers first movement should be towards the defender and then cut away with a near post run
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