One for all

This is a highly enjoyable knockout training game that relies on individuals to win matches for the team. Try is and see which team will be crowned club world champions. This is a fun session that also gives your players a great 1v1 workout.

Set up

Set up an area 15×10 yards with a goal at each end. You need a good number of balls – we’ve use eight at each end. We’ve used 12 players.

How to play it

You need four teams to play the Club World Cup semi-finals. Here we have four teams of three and players choose their team names from the competing clubs.
Players go individually, so each semi is a series of 1v1s and tactics determine which players go first and last. Each 1v1 lasts one minute; players fight for the ball in the centre circle and the player who gets it must shoot into the goal. Whether he scores or not, he must then run back his own goal and touch the crossbar before turning and trying to win the ball from his opponent, who has collected a ball from beside his own.
The other players stand around the pitch and keep the ball in play. It should not go out unless a shot is taken. Once every 1v1 has played, add up the scores and the winning team goes through to the final. Play the final and a third place play-off.


Touch, control, accuracy and speed of foot and thought go into making this a great activity for youth players.

    1. The three players on each team go 1v1 against an opponent from the opposition. Each 1v1 lasts one minute
    2. Each time the ball goes in the net or misses, the shooter must run back to his goal and touch the crossbar. His opponent gets a ball and tries to score

    3. Players must try to win the ball from each other and time shots and interceptions
    4. Here the ball has been kicked away from the attacker but the player on the side keeps it in and the first player to react scores

    5. Here the two players have tussled for the ball from the kick-off but the shot has gone wide so the shooter must touch his crossbar and his opponent gets a new ball
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