Pace setters

Speed is often the key surprise element in the final third when players move the ball to create goalscoring chances it the dangerous areas of the pitch. Ideal for grassroots teams to push opponents back and score against them. It helps teams break at speed quickly getting to the heart of the opposition defence – usually breaching it and setting up a chance to score. This session is all about converting the chances that arise from winning the ball in midfield.

Set up

Set up an area of 30×25 yards with a goal at both ends and cones marking the halfway line. We’ve used 12 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and two normal goals.

How to play it

Create two teams and play 6v6 including goalkeepers. Each team has two players and a keeper in each half, plus a midfielder each placed at the cones on the touchline on opposite ends of the halfway line (they are locked there unless in possession).
Play starts with a keeper passing to the midfielder on the halfway line. This releases the midfielder who then attacks. Players must try to score within three passes to get double points – any more passes and it counts as one goal. When a team scores, the ball goes to the opposition keeper who starts with a pass to his midfielder.


This is a fast session and players must pass quickly and finish within three passes, making it perfect to practise counterattacks.

1. Play starts each time with a pass from one of the goalkeepers to their team’s midfielder on the halfway line
2. If the team can score within three passes starting with the midfielder’s pass, they score two points

3. The midfielder on the defending team is not allowed to move off his cone until his team get the ball
4. Here the midfielder plays a one-two with an attacker and shoots into the net

5. The team scores but it has taken four passes to create the chance so the team only gets one point

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