Turn possession into goals

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I see a lot of statistics on the TV that often show the teams with the most possession don't always win games – you can have the ball as much as you want but if you are not doing something different then it's much easier for the defence to break the attack down. Keeping the ball is a small part of the game, you have to make use of it. MORE

Possession and penetration

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Here’s a session, divided into two parts, that benefits players in three core elements. At the heart of this is possession; but keeping the ball is only really useful if players know what to do with it, and that’s where patience and penetration come into play. MORE

Third line pass

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The third line pass is the creative pass that splits defenders and creates space for attackers to exploit. Helps players to understand the importance of creative passing but also to play easier passes when a defence splitting pass isn’t ‘on’. MORE

Sharp shooter

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This session combines key attacking elements of passing, shooting and crossing. It moves quickly and positively and ensures players use both feet. Having players who can link up instinctively in the final third is a great advantage at any level, and this practice will get them thinking on their feet. MORE

Harry Winks

How to create more goals

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One of my players loves to score goals... in fact last season when he didn't score he often cried. I've worked with him all last season and at the start of this to make him realise that setting up a goal is just as good as scoring. I'm battling the professional game here because they hold up goalscorers above anyone else but I am also helped by an unusual influence! MORE


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In this session players learn to be confident on the ball through triangles, a shape at the heart of football – in both attack and defence – which is comprised of three players. MORE

High tempo support

Midfield support in attack

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When you attack the play should cover all areas of the attacking third. To do this attackers need support from midfield that is creative and moves quickly into the dangerous areas of the pitch to create goal scoring chances. MORE

Dribble and shoot

Shoot from outside the box

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This session improves shooting technique and gives players confidence to shoot from outside the penalty area. It helps players to see an opportunity and take it with a shot from long range. Some players will be able to do it straight away but others will take time – put accuracy over power when they first try. MORE

The final pass

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This session works on patterns of play building up to the final ball into the striker. Important for youth players to understand the role of the support players in build up play. MORE

Driving range

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Use this training session to show your forwards how to bring other players into the game in the final third of the pitch. This will get your players winning the ball and playing deep behind the attackers to play into them. MORE

Play off your forward

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This session improves the relationship between midfielders and the centre forward. Midfielders learn how to create space for a forward to receive a pass and then get into scoring positions themselves. MORE

Pace setters

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Ideal for grassroots teams to push opponents back and score against them. It helps teams break at speed quickly getting to the heart of the opposition defence MORE

Wide receivers

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According to Fulham coach Steve Wigley this is a great session for passing and receiving, something that you cannot practise enough of if you want your team to retain possession and move the ball up the pitch into attacking areas. MORE

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