Parallel lines

Simple unopposed link up play is an ideal way to start your strike partners working together. Receive, look up, lay off, support. This is the way attackers should be behaving in the final third.

Set up

Set up an area of 20×20 yards split into two 10-yard areas. The strikers work in one half, the goalkeeper in the other. We’ve used six players including three servers. You need cones, balls and a goal.

How to play it

Two strikers work in one half of the area and must combine and shoot in that half. The servers go in sequence to pass into one of the strikers, who with two touches must pass to his strike partner. The strike partner must shoot with his first touch.
After receiving from each server twice, swap the strike partners with two of the servers and then with the keeper and the other server so all players get a chance. This should be a high tempo session as the game is unopposed, so get servers to play the next ball in immediately after the shot.


Great to practise first touch and the movement of the supporting player. It’s a good workout for both shooting technique and the weight and direction of lay off pass.

Two strikers

    1. The two strikers must stay in their half of the area and combine to shoot from there
    2. Servers take it in turn to pass balls into the strike pair at different angles

    3. The striker nearest the ball must control and pass with two touches
    4. The shooting striker must hit the ball first time at the goal

    5. Here the receiving striker has chipped a first-time pass to his strike partner, who has volleyed into the net
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